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Travel, Travel insurance -

Why choosing the right kind of travel insurance coverage before traveling internationally is one of the smartest investments a traveler can make.

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George Chuck, Kids, McRae, What We MADE of, Youth -

Our oldest son turned five recently and we decided to do something a bit different with his birthday invitation. Check it out!

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George Chuck, God, What We MADE of -

Just me (George Chuck) writing to gain clarity and recognize the blessings God's granted me and my family. I hope you gain something from reading, while we explore what we're MADE of.

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We are always looking for new folks to feature on the blog, and in this case that just might be you.

We are currently looking for entries from the following:

  • Mixed Media Artist
  • Contemporary Artist
  • Street Artist
  • Performers
  • Musicians (All Genres)

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Business, Fraternity, Sorority -

My fraternity brother's featured I Got It MADE for a "Brothers in Business" segment.

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