God, Kids, What We MADE of -

In the coastal haven of Gulfport, Mississippi, where the relentless waves whispered their secrets to the shore, a profound tale of resilience and love was etched into the very fabric of existence. This is the chronicle of a young warrior, Jaxon Patterson, who arrived in this world on a December morn, his destiny irrevocably intertwined with the complex tapestry of his family's legacy.

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Fatherhood, God, Parenting, What We MADE of -

October 7, 2019, GP1 would have been 69 years old. In honor of my dad’s birthday, I spent the day with playing gospel quartet music, having lunch with my oldest son, and supporting a local business, putting in work and showing what we're MADE of.

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George Chuck, God, What We MADE of -

Just me (George Chuck) writing to gain clarity and recognize the blessings God's granted me and my family. I hope you gain something from reading, while we explore what we're MADE of.

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