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The chorus of the Tougaloo College alma mater, penned by the esteemed 1929 alumnus Jonathan Henderson Brooks, carries a profound message:

"Tougaloo, Eagle Queen, we love thee;
Mother Eagle, Stir thy nest;
Rout thine eaglets to the breezes;
They enjoy the test."

Tougaloo College stands as a beacon of national admiration, celebrated for its unwavering commitment to academic excellence and social responsibility. This commitment was never more apparent than during the tumultuous 1960s when Tougaloo College emerged as a stronghold of the Civil Rights Movement in Mississippi.

In those historic years, the college became a sanctuary for those who championed freedom, equality, and justice. It was not merely a place of refuge but also a crucible where strategies were forged and executed to dismantle segregation and advance race relations. Tougaloo College exhibited exceptional leadership, courageously opening its doors to Freedom Riders and other Civil Rights advocates. This bravery, along with unwavering support for the movement, catalyzed transformative change in Mississippi and reverberated across the nation.

Today, Tougaloo College continues to empower its students to be prepared for the challenges of a global economy. It nurtures leaders who are poised to drive positive change. In the face of life's trials and tribulations, we, as alumni, proudly declare, "We enjoy the test!"