Tougaloo College Fall 2023 Collection

Where Heritage Meets Innovation: At I Got It MADE, we honor our history while looking ahead to a future filled with promise. The Tougaloo College Fall 2023 Collection beautifully marries the rich tapestry of the Tougaloo heritage with the cutting-edge designs that define the modern era. Each piece reflects our commitment to fostering growth, knowledge, and a sense of belonging.

Whether you're a proud alum, a current student, or a supporter of Tougaloo College's mission, our Fall 2023 Collection has something for every member of the Tougaloo community. Show your school spirit, celebrate your connection to Tougaloo, and embrace the homecoming season in style.

We're celebrating "Where History Meets The Future" with the Tougaloo College Fall 2023 Apparel Collection. Embrace the season, honor the legacy, and be a part of the ever-evolving journey of Tougaloo College.

PRE-ORDER NOW for pick up at Tougaloo Alumni Weekend 2023. LIMITED NUMBER on each apparel offering.  I Got It MADE will NOT provide on-site printing this year.