2020: The Vision Is Clear

George Chuck -

2020: The Vision Is Clear

Now sitting in 2020, I can say I have gained much clarity as it relates to investment, but not the type of investment you're thinking about. Day to day, I invest my resources in a variety of things. And by resources, I mean time, talent and treasure. Those three things are very valuable and should be invested in people, projects, and businesses that matter. At the top of my investment list are Shalon, McRae, and Jaxon. After that trio comes other family, friends, and business. Quite often I find myself trying to find a balance between all of it. I won't even begin to lead you to believe that I am balancing everything successfully, that's not what this is about. 

In 2015, I was profiled as the alumnus of the day within a Facebook group for Tougaloo Alumni. Shout out to my chapter brother Dr. John Veasley (PE '77) for his outstanding work to highlight Tougaloo Alumni 365 days a year; your efforts are greatly appreciated. Towards the end of the profile, Bro. Veasley wrote, "If he were not working for insert a company here, he could easily imagine the explosion that would happen in one of his many business ventures." That one sentence was almost haunting then, but now I see it as a challenge and a call to action.

Since 2005, I've invested a majority portion of my resources in other businesses, institutions, and organizations; while investing the remainder into the ideas, businesses, and partnerships that originate with me. Certain ventures, like my DJ services and I Got It MADE get larger shares of the leftovers. Those endeavors have been successful. The return on investment has been pretty good, but what would the return look like if I invested a bit more than the leftovers. This year I will better diversify my portfolio. In 2020, the vision is clear. Carl Jung, founder of analytical psychology says "your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.” 

I hope your 2020 vision is clear. Here's a list of a few things that I can see!

I Got It MADE - www.igotitmade.us

Jackson Black Pages + Jackson Black Business Expo - www.jacksonblackpages.com

DJ George Chuck - www.georgechuck.com

The Nest at Highlites - www.highlites.ms

MS Greek Weekend - www.msgreekweekend.com

4ever MADE Vacations - www.facebook.com/4EverMadeVacations

Yardboy Entertainment and Events - www.facebook.com/WeAreYardboy

Very Fly Life - www.facebook.com/veryflylife

Black With No Chaser - www.blackwithnochaser.com


  • Greg

    So, this is on the money here. Your drive and creativity matched with execution has been and is incredibly motivating. It made me think outside the box and you told me about how at a point in your life, you said “Why Not?” That stuck with me. So to hear that you are working towards investing more in your own endeavors, is very exciting. I struggle sometimes with the balancing act. How do you figure out what to focus on at a given time?

  • Noel

    You have always been an inspiration with how wisely you moved through spaces, making quiet impact, Chuck. Your life with all its priorities is a testament to how true and solid your contributions to your people and places have been. You are one of the Mississippians that taught me how to be in community as an ally.

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