Looking for all things MADE


Looking for all things MADE

I Got It MADE supports creativity from all realms of creation as long as they represent building community, making a difference, and creative culture. We are always looking for new folks to feature on the blog, and in this case that just might be you. Our brand helps support the effort that it takes to upkeep and maintain quality content while also maintaining our own devotion to creating cool stuff. If you would like to be featured please email the info below plus some vids or pics highlighting your work. Please also include a photo of yourself. Please note that submission does not guarantee inclusion on the blog. Please also note that by submitting any content, you are acknowledging that you have all the rights to that content.

We are currently looking for entries from the following:

  • Mixed Media Artist
  • Contemporary Artist
  • Street Artist
  • Performers
  • Musicians (All Genres)

Please email the info below to igoititmadeus@gmail.com, Subject: Blog Feature

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