GroupGear Collection Set-up

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If you're part of a special group, like a club or a team, and you want to get matching shirts, we're here to help! We have a special way for your group to order shirts and have them sent to each person.

If your group wants to have cool shirts with the same design, we can make that happen!

Here's how it works:

  1. Design the Shirts: First, you and your friends will decide on how the shirts should look. You can choose colors, pictures, and words that you all like.

  2. Tell Us How Many: You'll tell us how many shirts you need. This is important so we know how many to make.

  3. Easy Ordering: You and your group order shirts via your personalized link.

  4. We Make Them: We will make the shirts exactly the way you want them. Each shirt will have the same cool design that your group picked.

  5. Delivery Time: Instead of everyone needing to pick up from a group leader or come to our shop, we will send  each person their order via mail.

It's a fun way for groups to feel united and show they belong together. We're excited to help your group get the best shirts ever!